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Our Representatives

Our representatives in India and the Indian Sub-Continent are managed by our India In Country Office and our representatives are based in:

  • Doctoral College International Centre Nepal

  • Doctoral College International Centre Bangladesh

  • Doctoral College International Centre Mumbai

  • Doctoral College International Centre Coimbatore

  • Doctoral College International Centre Sri Lanka

Our representative in USA manages activities in USA through the USA In Country Office.

All representative are managed by the UK Head Office until recruitment and admissions are running smoothly and then they are allocated to either the India or USA In Country Office. Further in country offices are now in the pipeline for the future.

Opportunities worldwide for representatives in locations where there is no current Doctoral College presence are available for discussion.

All student recruitment admissions are processed online by representatives who use the admissions site after full admissions training for the online recruitment process, see admissions page for more information.

Apply to become an international education representative


Referral representatives who provide advice and assistance to students wishing to study in UK must apply to be registered as a representative with Doctoral College.

If you decide to apply to become a representative, you should:

  • Ask for the application form, complete the form by answering ALL questions.

  • Provide the contact details for two references.

  • Provide proof of education representative training or qualifications.

  • Provide proof of business registration from your country.

  • Provide proof of any academic qualifications or professional recognition.​

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The standard processing time for a representative application is three to four weeks from the receipt of a completed application. If you do not provide all of the information required, your application may be delayed.

If your application is approved, we will:

  • Send you the Representative Agreement for your signature.

  • Request the signed Agreement to be returned for processing.

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