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Doctoral Research Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy - PhD

A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is a doctoral research degree, a doctorate is the highest level of academic qualification you can achieve. A PhD degree normally takes between three and four years of full-time work to complete. You'll research and write a thesis offering an original contribution to your subject.


Course Objectives

Objective 1: Students will develop knowledge for understanding research and interpreting data in applied settings. Objective 2: Students will conduct methodologically sound research. Objective 3: Students will disseminate research in a public forum or in a publication outlet.


​This PhD programme provides a route for students to carry out their own research project: an investigation that will eventually contribute to the field of knowledge within the subject area chosen and agreed with Doctoral College UK. Students will work closely with supervisor(s) to develop each stage of research. Supervisors will also help put together a programme of additional courses and activities to support progress towards the completion of the thesis.

Modes of Study

  • Fast Track - Full Time 

  • Work-based - Flexible - Part Time

Start Dates

  • January 2023

  • May 2023

  • September 2023


  • High Achiever Scholarships - Available to high quality qualifications with applicants.

DBA and PhDs – Equal but Different

The DBA has rigour and relevance as it contributes to theory and practice in business and management. The DBA typically focuses on research ‘in’ organisations rather than research ‘on’ organisations. It involves cross-disciplinary work and mixed methods and contributes to developing your own practice and development.

DBA Curriculum

Has two distinct stages:


Stage 1 (Month 1-Month 18) – completion of five compulsory modules:

  • Introduction to Academic Research

  • Introduction to Research Design and Methodology

  • Introduction to Qualitative Techniques

  • Introduction to Quantitative Techniques

  • Personal Development


The first four modules each have a mandatory workshop of 5 or 6 days, normally held on campus. Each module has a number of assessed assignments.

Confirmation of Registration (Month 18-Month 36) - Pilot Study, Research Proposal and Presentation


Stage 2 (Month 36 onwards):

  • Personal Action Research Project

  • Doctoral thesis (including a viva voce examination).

Support and Supervision


Core Support

The overall academic content and quality of your programme will be led by the Director of the DBA Programme. The Doctoral Programme Team will support you throughout the process through to graduation.



Throughout the research process you will have the support of and guidance of at least one supervisor. They will guide you through the research process to submission of the thesis for examination at the viva. In joining, you will gain access to the library which has extensive facilities for undertaking research. This includes journals, textbooks, newspapers and online resources, plus previous doctoral theses and research articles. You will also be able to access the Online Library. You will have have full-text access to thousands of journal articles, company financial data and market research reports.

Modes of Study

  • Fast Track - Full Time 

  • Work-based - Flexible - Part Time 

Start Dates - Normally

  • September 2023

  • January 2024

  • May 2024



  • High Achiever Scholarships - Available to high quality qualifications with applicants.

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