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Global MSc and MBA Degree Programmes

Both programmes provide the opportunity to study all or some trimesters of study in different countries (India, UK, Middle East).













Global MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development


Trimester 1 (September–December) 60 Credits

  1. Finance for entrepreneurship, innovation, and enterprise development (20 Credits)

  2. Enterprise development in entrepreneurial environments (20 Credits)

  3. Innovation management and impact (20 Credits)


Trimester 2 (January–May) 60 Credits

  1. Managing Innovation and entrepreneurship in practice (20 Credits)

  2. E-Business - Transforming and competing in the digital age (20 Credits)

  3. Business and management research (10 Credits)

  4. Commercialisation of technology in entrepreneurship and innovation (10 Credits)


Trimester 3 (June–August) 60 Credits

  1. Dissertation (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) (60 Credits)



  • European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), a UK University Master's degree (plus dissertation of 180 credits) equates to 90 ECTS credits.


Modes of Study

  • Fast Track - Full Time 

  • Work-based - Flexible - Part Time

Start Dates

  • January 2023

  • May 2023

  • September 2023




Global MBA - Executive Leadership and Management


The programme develops key executive leadership and management skills such as integrating an entrepreneurial mindset into corporate culture, making technology-enhanced strategic decisions, managing change, building collaborative culture in organisations, and managing key talent across global markets.


Leadership and Management

  1. Authentic leadership and managing change

  2. Negotiations and Influence

  3. Culture, organisational networks, and power

  4. Coaching and mentoring approaches to enhance team performance

  5. Organisation valuation, financial understanding, and data analytics


Vision, Strategy and Implementing Innovation

  1. Competitive advantage and strategic planning

  2. Innovative influences and disciplined entrepreneurship

  3. Innovation dynamics and models

  4. Marketing strategies


Technology and Supply Chain Management

  1. Value chain dynamics

  2. Operations management for entrepreneurs

  3. Business information and system dynamics

  4. Service, quality and innovation


Digital Transformation

  1. Digital business models

  2. Platform strategy

  3. Digital operations

  4. Social media and global influence


Modes of Study

  • Fast Track - Full Time 

  • Work-based - Flexible - Part Time

Start Dates

  • January 2023

  • May 2023

  • September 2023

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