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Diversity at Work Statement

Doctoral College is a mission-driven organisation. We are grounded by our core values of openness, transparency, collaboration, global reach, diversity, inclusivity, trust, and persistence. The decisions we make and the way we interact with each other and our community are intentionally driven by these values. Our goal is to foster a values-based culture in which each individual within our organisation and across our community feels welcome, respected, and treated with dignity while also recognising their personal responsibility in creating and maintaining that culture.

Our Commitments to Diversity

At Doctoral College we are committed to the highest standards of conduct at every level. We rely on our team and our community to work together with dignity and respect to achieve our mission. Our commitment is built around 3 C's; culture, communication, and conduct.


  • Culture - We commit to engaging our team to create and sustain a culture that embodies our values, to encourage each other in examining and upholding our values, and to ensure ongoing opportunities to identify areas where we are doing well and where we can improve.


  • Communication - We commit to fostering, celebrating, and promoting our values in our work environment so that all voices can be heard and acknowledged. We commit to support one another and take action by listening, speaking up, and being allies. We listen with empathy, respect, and understanding. We encourage people to articulate what makes them uncomfortable, ask for uncomfortable behavior to stop, and seek support and guidance to communicate effectively. We bear witness and support appropriate action, regardless of the status or the relative ‘importance’ of the individuals involved.


  • Conduct - We commit to providing a professional work environment that reflects our values. We act appropriately and with responsibility and recognise that professional behavior that embodies our values precludes and prohibits abuses of power. Behaviour that reflects our values is required across all internal and external Doctoral College functions and communications. We commit to taking disciplinary action, including in our discretion termination of employment, contract, or affiliation for any verifiable acts of harassment, bullying, discrimination, or persistent breach of these commitments, made within our organisation or by any staff in our organisation against any vendors, contractors, consultants, or partners. We also expect our vendors, contractors, consultants, members, and partners to abide by all of these commitments in their interactions with Doctoral College.


Taking Action

Doctoral College has implemented procedures to support and encourage any witness to behaviour, communication, or any other type of action that violates the values and commitments outlined in this statement, to speak up. Please voice your concerns to the Dean of College. For our community, we have developed our Trust Program, Privacy Policy, and Dispute Procedures. For Doctoral College: Board, staff, and contractors, we have developed a Whistle-blower Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy, Board Handbook, Team Handbook, Accounting Procedures, and Events Policy.

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