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Management Learning

Session 1
Inspiring and motivating employees
Gain insight into the trends underlying employees' motivation at work.

Session 2
Goal setting and rewards
Learn how to reward employees for achieving set goals.

Session 3
Managing talent and careers
Explore the notion of talent, its expected value to the organisation, and how it is managed within an organisation.

Session 4
Leading teams
Gain insight into the role of team dynamics and work culture in driving employee performance.

Session 5
Performance management
Explore the key approaches to measuring performance and evaluating employees.

Session 6
Virtual and flexible work
Gain insight into the virtual and flexible work strategies adopted by organisations in response to evolving requirements for workplace performance.

Session 7
Managing people across organisational and national boundaries
Discover the intricacies of building cross-cultural working relationships.

Session 8
Well-being at work
Explore how to promote well-being and foster resilience by designing and implementing appropriate organisational interventions.

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