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Our Code of Professionalism and Ethics

The London Statement of 2012

Doctoral College uses this statement to define our 7 Principles to demonstrate that we practice responsible business ethics and provide current, accurate and honest information to prospective students. Our statement of principles is based on an underlying ethical framework of:

  • Integrity - being straightforward and honest in all professional and business dealings;

  • Objectivity - not allowing professional judgment to be compromised by bias or conflict of interest;

  • Professional competence and due care - maintaining professional knowledge and professional service, and acting diligently;

  • Transparency - declaring conflicts of interest to all clients, especially when service fees are charged to both the education provider and the prospective student;

  • Confidentiality - respecting and preserving the confidentiality of personal information acquired and not releasing such information to third parties without proper authority;

  • Professional behaviour – acting in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and dealing with clients competently, diligently and fairly; and

  • Professionalism and purpose - acting in a manner that will serve the interests of clients and the wider society even at the expense of self-interest; recognising that dedication to these principles is the means by which the profession can earn the trust and confidence of stakeholder groups (individual clients, the public, business and government).

Doctoral College principles:

  • Principle 1 - We will practice responsible business ethics.

  • Principle 2 - We will provide current, accurate and honest information in an ethical manner.

  • Principle 3 - We will develop transparent business relationships with students and providers through the use of written agreements.

  • Principle 4 - We will protect the interests of minors.

  • Principle 5 - We will provide current and up-to-date information that enables international students to make informed choices when selecting which agent or consultant to employ.

  • Principle 6 - We will act professionally.

  • Principle 7 - We will work with destination countries and providers to raise ethical standards and best practice.

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