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Strategy, Vision, Mission and Core Values

Strategic areas

The strategic foundations for the 2022 to 2025 vision to value strategic plan, is created around four key foundations of the vision and mission.

1. Education and Learning Experience 

The student learning experience for Doctoral College UK students will be unequalled in the UK higher education sector. Our students will engage in critical thinking exploring depth and understanding within their learning. Our approaches will stimulate innovative teaching and curiosity with and inquiry based learning and research rich discovery approach. Students who join us will always feel part of a warm family community. They will be the centre of the learning and educational journey. They will be stimulated to be independent, active individuals and team members. They will collaborate with staff and management to update and enhance the curriculum. They will stimulate continuous improvement and enhancement. 


2. People, Empowerment and Sustainability

We care about our people. We know that professional development helps people to feel fulflled. Personal growth increases health and wellbeing. This leads to better outcomes for our learners. It creates a caring community. Our management style empowers staff to be innovative and successful in their role. Good communication technologies and management interaction ensure staff are motivated and focused on being affective and enjoying what they do. Our care for the environment means that our learning environments will be greener. The learning environments we offer, including through our partners, will put human connections first. This will happen through digital channels and through physical spaces. We will achieve all of this through being being connected digitally and communicating regularly. 

3. Research, Innovations, Outcomes and Impact 

We will research, publish and advance knowledge to help people and society. Our global network of partners will challenge us to innovate and make an impact.We will enable our students to contribute to business and society through their own applied research, and this research with staff will enrich our teaching. All our practice and our research will cross disciplinary boundaries as in our global network as we collaborate.We will innovate as we grow our commercial partnerships. We will inform public debate, engaging and helping communities to make sense of the changing world around us. 


4. Careers, Skills Development, Enterprise and Employability

As a career-led college, our students will be sought by employers and society. Our graduates and staff will shine through skills that mark them out as both local and global citizens. They will be effective as social and cultural entrepreneurs as they build their careers. We will support skills development, entrepreneurship and employability activities to support students with their future careers.


Our vision focuses on research and being a leading career-led and applied college of higher education. We endeavour to support our students to achieve outstanding outcomes. We provide an integrated approach to learning with employment which results in our students being employment ready well-rounded graduates ready for the world of work. They will equipped to contribute in shaping their career and engaging with a rapidly changing world.


Our mission is embedded in our Research foundation, Doctoral College UK is a diverse and inclusive Higher Education College welcoming students from all backgrounds and beliefs, and believes in providing a transformational educational experience, changing and forming ours students whose careers will grow and continue to develop in the work and world.


​Our focused is on delivering quality higher education with dignity and empathy that represent our core values. We endeavour to provide our students with a uniquely supportive professional educational learning environment, inspiring them to discover their own distinct capabilities, which enables them to realise their expectations and goals. Our academic leadership and governance promotes our commitment to social justice, enhancing opportunities, collaboration, and adding value to the lives of our students, staff, and College community.

Core values

Honesty, Transparency and Integrity - We nurture personal and collective accountability by organising our resources well and cultivating an awareness of our responsibility for the environment and the communities around us. 

Dignity, Empathy and Wellbeing - We value and care about the contribution of everyone nurturing a community where students and staff can reach their full potential. 

Knowledge, Innovation and Excellence - We endeavour to stimulate motivated scholarship and the pursuit of innovation and academic excellence by providing the highest standards of teaching, learning and research and by continuously improving on our performance. 

Trust, Respect and Inclusivity - We build trust in our everyday activities doing what we say we are going to do and we demonstrate our inclusivity by promoting equality in the opportunities we offer, in the right of everyone to contribute and by cultivating a safe community rooted in a culture of mutual respect. 

Widening Opportunity, Harmony and Commitment - We promote the Common Good by widening opportunity and participation, forming outward partnerships, and by making a positive contribution to society. We stimulate commitment to internal focus groups and global network discussion groups, we listen and actively get involved with discussions.

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