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UG & PG Study - with Doctoral College and a University Partner

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Doctoral College is growing its international presence and building their academic partnerships in the UK, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa USA and Canada. 

Doctoral Recruitment for UK based students and International students is now open with scholarships and variety of research centre localities worldwide. Arrange an introductory session below to gather more information

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PhD and DBA Researchers

Peer discussions about research studies, take place in many places convenient to suit students. Peer groups are also good for helping members develop and build life skills such as leadership, conflict management, self-control and effective communication. 

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Training (CPD) Online

Students study where and when it is convenient and classes are all recorded and online discussions with peers and tutors are an important element of the training courses.

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Summer Schools

Summer schools in the UK involve visiting London, going on a tour of industry and commerce, enjoying the culture and regions and history of the UK and spending some free time exploring.

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